Practicing within community can be beautiful and profound. Please join me at one of the following public classes.

Sunday 4:30pm Vinyasa and 6pm Yin at Bala Yoga Kirkland

Tuesday Noon Vinyasa Flow at Bala Yoga Kirkland 

Thursday 4:30 Yin at Sangha Yoga

Here is what other people are saying about Julia's classes:

 Julia is a wonderfully caring and patient yoga teacher/instructor/friend. Not only is her own presence welcoming, but her classes bring together kind and caring people, which makes a perfect environment to practice in. She does a great job of setting intentions for the practice which allows the mind and body to inform each other. She always listens to requests, is extremely present and aware and offers adjustments, and creates a safe space for all types of students. I went on a yoga retreat she led, which was rejuvenating and relaxing, taking care to practice frequently but also come together as a community in other ways as well. I could not recommend her enough as a teacher and friend in your practice and life!
— Elizabeth
It doesn’t take long for the astute reader to recognize that the original Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are much more a practice of life than just sequences of postured breath work. It also doesn’t take either the beginner or veteran long to see that Julia Canfield’s gentle and joyous touch is not merely the day job of a clever entrepreneur (although, she is!). In group settings she fosters a uniquely whimsical vulnerability among both strangers and friends, whom all quickly become communities sharing restorative laughter. Alternatively, Julia can give private instruction that’s carefully tailored to a clients needs with the informal, yet loving hands of a healing friend. Whether in classes or one-one-one, looking for ferocious heat or seeking sweet release, practice with Julia Canfield cultivates the profound capabilities within each one of us! Do you want to become your own medicine?
— Nathaniel
Whether you are new or old to the practice, an encounter with Julia Canfield yoga is to experience yoga at its very best: “healing/wholeness/wellbeing from the inside out!” What I appreciate is Julia’s wide range of expertise of all yoga forms from Vinyasa, to yin, laughter and more, she seamlessly integrates movement on the mat with mind, body and soul. She’s simply “the best”!!
— Maxine
Whether you are a seasoned yoga veteran or have yet to experience the joy of your first downward facing dog pose, the atmosphere Julia creates in each of her classes is warm, welcoming, and from a place of pure love and compassion. Prior to meeting Julia, I was a total newbie to the world of yoga and apprehensive to the idea of joining a class without even knowing a single pose. However, after just one class with her things were different. Julia’s knowledge goes far beyond proper technique; she is able to tap into a highly positive type of energy with ease. Even in a class full of people I’ve never met, the environment is very inclusive and free of all judgement. It’s truly rejuvenating for not only the physical body, but for psychic energy also, which I feel is a crucial element for all of the benefits yoga has to offer.
— Victor