Boudoir Photoshoot

Practical Details

First of all, I am so stoked to be holding this space with you. Thank you for your trust and allowing yourself to be seen in this way, it's an honor.

To the right is the location and a map of where the shoot will take place. I have rented the master bedroom in a beautiful Airbnb, I think it will be gorgeous.

Parking can be challenging on Capitol Hill, the home is located just two blocks from the light rail so I highly suggest taking public transportation or an Uber. Please arrive on time. Once you arrive at the house, call or text me and I will let you in.



800 East Denny
Seattle, WA 98122


Matters of the Heart

Below is a survey, please fill it out to your comfort level. It is my intention to hold the most informed and sacred space with you, to provide a fun and empowering experience, and to hold you in your vulnerability with grace, joy, and laughter. 

Name *
The name you'd like to be addressed as.
Are there certain artist that get you pumped and make you feel empowered? Any artists / songs that should be avoided?
Please let me know to what level you are comfortable with touch. I often hug and high five folks but would greatly appreciate your consent first!
Is there anything I can be aware of during our session? Areas of sensitivity? Anything you're working through that you'd like to share?
My intention for providing Champagne is to add to the celebration of the moment.





But what will I wear?!



Q: Seriously though, what do I wear?

A: Wear anything that makes you feel empowered. I've had folks feel best in lingerie, cute undies and a Tee, a partners shirt/clothes, in their birthday suit, etc. Really, anything goes! Bring options, we will have time to shoot 3 or 4 different looks and I can help decide if you need it! Feel free to bring props if thats what you're into! There will be private space to change and a full length mirror. 

Q: Should I wear make up? Get a perm?

A: Do you normally wear make up? Do you feel like a bad ass with some lush fake lashes? Wear em! Do you tend to go all natural? Great! Curly? Straight? Big? Small? It's up to you BB. Same with body hair, if ya got it, flaunt it. My only request is that when you arrive you are ready to go, so make sure you've applied, primped, and moisturized prior to our session. Touch ups throughout the session are totally fine, of course, but we have limited time and I want to make the most of it!

Q: How do I pose? What do I do with my hands?

A: Don't you worry about a thing. This is my job and one we can have fun with. Some folks research what boudoir photos look like to get ideas of shapes and I strongly recommend you do not do this. We will find shapes that feel empowering and sexy to you. So many of the boudoir photos you will find online are captured by a cisgendered dude with a very narrow scope of what is sexy. No thank you. (Patriarchy, ammiright?🙄) 

Q: When will I get to see my photos and what can I do with them?

I will get you your photos ASAP and that's a promise. General turn around time is 4-6 weeks but I have a feeling you will get them back sooner. You can post them, share them with your loves, use them on your Christmas card, etc. I do ask that you give photo credit, especially when posting on social media. 

Q: Why is this shoot free?

So often the financial burden of trauma falls solely on the victim. I am acuity aware that financial hardship can be a large reason why we don't seek the help we need and deserve. I will always offer sliding scale sessions for folks, which is subsidized by the folks with greater means to pay. In this way, we support one another. This shoot is also free because I am practicing a new skill and building a portfolio of work. If you are uncomfortable with me using your images on my website and social media I do ask that you contribute within your means for the shoot. We can talk more about this individually.


A final note 

Although I have been a photographer for many years, directing bodies for longer, and holding sensitive space my whole life, this will be the first time I am offering this kind of shoot. I am confident in my abilities to make this experience a fun and empowering one but do appreciate your patience as I learn. Feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated. 

Trauma has been a large part of my history and the reclamation of self, sexual vitality, and joy has been crucial to the healing process. I am honored to help guide you down this path and cannot wait to capture you in all your wild beauty. 

now that i know
the soft magic of your laugh
and how your body moves like art,
why would i ever go back?
what was before you?
— Upile Chisala